Easy Breathing For Uncertain Times

Kris Montigny
Kris is one of the original founders of Niantic Yoga and has dedicated much of her adult life to learning and teaching yoga.

It’s scary out there. You don’t know if you’re sick, or if your family is safe. You’re angry. How did this happen? How could this happen? When will this end? And how?

In these uncertain times, with the never-ending updates and speculations, you may be stuck in a stress-induced inhalation. Stuck there. Waiting for the news to tell you something more, something that will help you relax and return to normal. When we are startled, we often get stuck in a partial, sharp, inhalation. An inhalation we may not fully release.

Help is just a breath or two away.

Here is a simple stress-reducing breathing technique that you can use anywhere, and at any time.

 Take a normal, easy breath in.
 Exhale.
 Pause.
 Exhale again.
 Repeat 2-3 times.

This should quickly and easily reduce stress and anxiety, while resetting your body back to an easy and normal relaxed state. Occasionally, you may need to repeat this process. Wait 10-15 minutes if you need to do another round of 3-4 Double Exhales.

For the rest of your day, easy breathing through your nose will help you stay calm and grounded. And more importantly, easy breathing through your nose helps your nervous system calm down, which means your immune function will improve, if needed, or stay stable and strong where it is now.

How simple is that? And you are in control. Your health and wellbeing improve with every single breath.



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