Easy Breathing (Part 2): Three Sounds

So, how’s your breathing been? Have you noticed it become easier or more stressed over the past few months? Stressful times too frequently create a stressful body and mind, which in turn creates stressful breathing. And even if you feel your breathing is easy, maybe, just maybe, it can be even easier. In case you […]

Easy Breathing (Part 1)

Take an easy, full breath in, and allow your breath to release naturally and fully. What did you notice? Where did you inhale end, and what did it feel like? Where did your exhale end, and how did that feel? What is an easy breath, in or out? Are you breathing easily? Do this a […]

Easy Breathing For Uncertain Times

It’s scary out there. You don’t know if you’re sick, or if your family is safe. You’re angry. How did this happen? How could this happen? When will this end? And how? In these uncertain times, with the never-ending updates and speculations, you may be stuck in a stress-induced inhalation. Stuck there. Waiting for the […]

Meet Kris

Kris started her journey in movement and somatic (body) exploration before she was even born. Her mother was a dancer, and dance instructor, and was dancing and teaching until only a few weeks before Kris made her brilliant entrance into this world. She took to her mother’s calling, and danced with her in the living […]