Meditation and Yoga Nidra

What is Meditation?

There are various styles, approaches, and schools of thought when it comes to meditation, but the simple answer is this: meditation is the calming act of quieting your mind.

We offer a variety of meditation programs throughout the week, including Yoga Nidra and a teen/young adult meditations. Beyond quieting your mind, a regular meditation practice can have both physical and mental/emotional benefits. We think it’s totally worth exploring.

Divine Grace Meditation (Yoga Nidra) with Parinda

Divine Grace Meditation uses Yoga Nidra, a deep meditation that effortlessly awakens and relaxes your whole being. Using breath awareness, you will be gently guided to align yourself with your heart’s desire and inner sanctuary. Following body relaxation, a rich sensory journey awaits. With healing music and guided imagery, you will be led inward, as the “thinking mind” becomes disengaged. From here, you will go beyond the mind and will fall into a harmonious state of divine grace and inner connection. No experience required!

Meditation for Teens/YA with Journeya

A meditation specifically for teens and young adults, join Journeya on a journey to yourself. Learn how to cam your mind, center your attention, and find peace within, when the world around you is chaotic and uncertain. If you struggle with anxiety, uncertainty, fear, or simply want to calm your over-active thoughts, we invite you to join Journeya for this monthly meditation experience.

Unwind Vinyasa Flow with Kay

Meditation with Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn Algar found meditation and mindfulness at a time in her life when it felt like all she felt was anger and irritability. Determined to experience more, and to find happiness she started using meditation and mindfulness 16 years ago. Meditation, when practiced consistently will help you strengthen your awareness muscle and create conscious change in your life.
If you're ready to welcome new patterns into your life join us for this adult meditation session. Come as you are. Beginners and well-practiced individuals alike.

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