Reiki Healing

What is Reiki?

Reiki is first and foremost the energy of life. It is an electromagnetic energy that is common to all substance. Where there is form, there is a certain static energy that holds the form in place – the linking, the bonding, the unifying energetic. It’s this energetic that’s known as Reiki – the universal life energy. In that context, when this energy is transmitted purposefully in a concentrated or focused way, it seeks to enliven the core energetic velocity of a Being (any organism). For all entities, the application or introduction of Reiki brings about a resonance much like that of a well-tuned instrument, such as a piano or a guitar or a violin. When it is well aligned in its vibration, it produces with great harmonic quality.

Reiki with Bethany

Bethany Kowaleski is a Reiki Practitioner of the Usui Lineage, the original disciple of Reiki. Learn more about Bethany here.

What to expect in a session: To be clear, Reiki does not circumvent the healing process, or the process of coming into alignment and wholeness, but rather it collapses the time – it fast-forwards the process. So, where there is behavioral or physical mis-alignment, or dis-ease, that will be brought to a state of wholeness more quickly, not by circumventing the natural process, but by accelerating it. The energy is the energy of the divine. There will only be wholeness in its expression. You can expect a greater calmness, a greater peace and a greater attentiveness, because you are heightening all of the alchemical systems of the body and therefore it is going to be more of what it was meant to be: a very well-tuned instrument. The process will also assist in the connection between your human self and your soulful self. What is most commonly seen is a greater peacefulness, calmness and self-assuredness. The application time of hands-on Reiki is always determined by the energy. Typically, it will range from 30-60 minutes.

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