Post-COVID Pricing: Righting the Ship in the New Economy

Tara Filip

When COVID hit and we closed our studio space, our monthly membership holders helped us keep the doors open – even when we weren’t offering classes. When we realized that we were going to be closed for a longer time, those memberships were the only thing keeping us afloat – literally. The entire community will forever be grateful for this life raft that our community created – for each other.

It was a long slow row over the next 18 months+ that included cutting corners wherever I could and hunkering down in our virtual studio.

At that time I cut prices significantly. People were out of work or fearful of being out of work soon. Some were sick and couldn’t work. Some were homebound and caring for high-risk family members. I wanted our videos and virtual classes to be accessible, affordable, and a mainsail in the lives of our now-compact community.

When it was FINALLY time to step out into the new world, we reopened the studio on Main Street with the last pennies of the COVID relief loan money. The surge of the reopen was much slower than we expected, dampened by virus variants, mask mandate extensions, and lifestyle changes. That tide brings us to today. There is finally a sense of freedom in the air, although not without lingering precautions, that has allowed us to continue to expand our teacher base, our class offerings, and our services.

I committed to waiting until after the first year of being on Main Street to adjust our sails. It was important to me as a business owner to give everyone a chance to acclimate and get our collective sea legs soundly beneath us.

As the tide turns, our prices will reflect the market value of the services being offered at the Studio as we retire COVID-era discounted pricing (starting October 1, 2022). Along with this, there will be new services, packages, and a few freebies thrown in for community building and expanding our reach. The ultimate goal is to welcome all people, to bring clarity, confidence, calmness, and a grounded focus to our community; to heal through yoga, meditation and more.

Our Studio community is a raft of willing, curious and driven souls, anchored in the greater community and beyond – regardless of similarities and differences. For it is the very diversity of our being that brings a depth of richness to our community that is otherwise unable to exist.

When we sink into on our own mat (or blanket!), we create our very own universe, one that coexists with our neighbor without judgement, but instead with an eager welcoming that expands beyond our walls as a heart-centered, safe place for all our yoga bodies, minds, and souls to thrive.

Thank you.

Om Namo Namaha.


Om Namo Namaha is a mantra of respect and used as an offering of humility to any force greater than ourselves.

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