New Prices Released October 1, 2022

Tara Filip

Post-COVID Pricing: Righting the Ship in the New Economy

These new packages and prices go into effect on October 1, 2022. Make sure you read all the way down to the bottom, including the ‘fine print’ details. 🙂

Package Details:

ACCESS PASS: $40 for two weeks of unlimited yoga

Feel the mat beneath your feet, soak in the aura of the Studio, and try out every class you can possibly cram into two weeks! Try each teacher, each time slot, each style of yoga the Studio has to offer. Once you’ve tried everything on, decide what fits your style, your mood, your yoga goals. What rings true in your heart? After two weeks you’ll know exactly what you want from your membership at the Studio. At the end of your last class, stop by and chat with your teacher and see what package works for you and they’ll get you signed up and ready to continue on your soul evolution through yoga.

One per person, per lifetime. Not shareable. 


MONTHLY UNLIMITED MEMBERSHIP: $120 per month, auto-renew, no contract

You crave the easy, minimalist life. You crave simple, efficient, and decadent all rolled up into one yoga mat. With the ease of membership comes the ease of a daily practice. Set it and forget it, knowing you can sign up for any Studio class you want, at any time, every month. The auto-renew function gets you the best price this side of the beach, so you can rest assured your getting a solid return on your investment. You know exactly what you want: unlimited access to your home studio, right here on Main Street.

Auto-renew must be set up at the time of purchase. No contracts or long-term obligations, cancel anytime. Not shareable. Manual renew option available $160/month.


CLASS CARDS: rates vary, details available 

The world is an exciting place to explore and discover. You are an adventurer by nature and insist on having the flexibility of choice. To practice at the Studio, at home, on vacation, and even in your dreams. The freedom that long expiration of class cards provide is totally your jam. Whether it’s 5 classes or 10, you have time to use them in between travel, work, and life. Free yourself up by choosing the auto-renew plans and you’ll never look back – unless it’s in the rear view mirror as you jet off to your next destination. Manual renew options exist, but why risk the hassle of running out of classes?

Cancel auto-renew anytime, no contracts or obligations. Single purchases do not auto-renew. Auto-Renew cards provide an average savings of $2 per class. Shareable with friends and family.


Pricing Overview:

New Students:

$40 – Access Pass = 2 weeks, unlimited membership benefits


Best Rates, auto-renew:

$120 – monthly unlimited ($13.50 class average) + member benefits*

$160 – 10 class card ($16 class, expires 4 months) 

$80 – 5 class card ($16 class, expires 2 months)

*unlimited membership benefits include:

  • Unlimited studio classes each month 
  • One home practice tune-up per year from one teacher
  • Free access to special membership events
  • Discounts on certain workshops and special classes


Standard Rates, manual renew:

$20 – drop in (expires 1 month)

$100 – 5 class card ($20 class, expires 2 months, shareable)

$160 – monthly unlimited ($20 class average)

$200 – 10 class card ($20 class, expires 4 months, shareable)


Special Occasion Pricing:

Kids prices: (12 and under)

$5 per child attending class with adult member

$15 per child without adult membership

We often run kids programs that are priced differently. This rate is for children to attend a regular class with their adult person.


Summer Guest Pass: (Memorial Day to Labor Day)

$450 unlimited access pass ($16 class average, not shareable)

does not prorate, 50% discount applied after second weekend in July


The fine print:

  • Auto-renewing memberships provide a per-class discount on average, based on attending two classes per month
  • No contracts required – ever
  • Prices include use of mats, blankets, blocks and props
  • The Studio offers free tea and water to all students.
  • Teacher Q+A time made available after each class
  • Taxes are applied at checkout
  • Special classes and workshops have a minimum registration threshold
  • Summer guest passes require proof of out-of-town ID

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