Kris Montigny


Kris started her journey in movement and somatic (body) exploration before she was even born. Her mother was a dancer, and dance instructor, and was dancing and teaching until only a few weeks before Kris made her brilliant entrance into this world.

She took to her mother’s calling, and danced with her in the living room, and on rare occasions, in her classroom, until she started her own training at 2.5 years old.

She loved how she felt when dancing, flying through the air and rolling around on the floor. Mostly she was entranced by the opportunity to self-explore. First at the gross physical level, which then opened her up to the energy of life moving her, filling her, moving through her, and out into the world. She became very familiar with life itself expressing itself, as her and through her, for the world to see and experience.

Well, Kris was a rebel and took a few detours in her teens, and all the way to 40, before returning to a holistic, somatic self-exploration and practice that included yoga. When she returned to the path, she went in fully.

Her 1st teacher training was with Joseph Lapage in 1998, and 200 hours in Integrative Yoga Therapy. Of course she started right off with yoga therapy! After that she dove into the dynamic practice of Ashtanga Yoga, and was just about to start teacher training, when a few things happened that caused the trainer and school to put off the training for several months. Enter Svaroopa® Yoga.

Kris fell in love. She was so tuned in to the practice and principals that she spent 3 years moving through 500 hours of training, yoga therapy and advanced teacher training, and finally became a Teacher Trainer for Master Yoga Teaching Institute (MYTI) in 2003. She dedicated the next 10 years to teaching teachers and yoga therapists around the world through MYTI.

Kris started to experience some serious health issues in 2009, and by 2013, resigned from Master Yoga, and focused on her recovery and the Niantic Yoga community.

Since then she continues studying with some of the world’s leaders in yoga therapy, movement integration, breathing, sound therapy, anatomy, physiology, the psychology of wellbeing, all alongside self-study and self-improvement.

Kris now dedicates her time, gifts and talents to expanding the reach and efficacy of Blanket Yoga to include more and more and more. Myo-fascial yoga and movement integration, Buteyko Breathing Method, ancient philosophy and modern science all contribute to living in a body, and experiencing a life, that is Pain Free, Fit & Strong!

Kris will support you with humor and precision, seriousness and flow, technique and open-ended self-exploration, the here, the now, and the ever-present and ever-expanding possibilities. Check it out. Enjoy!

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