Sandy Hayward


Sandy has been practicing various forms of yoga for 19 years. In 2009 she found Svaroopa® yoga. A friend kept inviting and encouraging her to go to class. She asked what style of yoga she was practicing, she said “Shavasana”. It was pretty ironic, her friend felt such profound release and peace she took Shavasana as the name for the style of yoga.

After being skeptical she finally attended a Svaroopa® class while living in the Pocono Mountains in PA. She felt blessed to find Svaroopa® Yoga at a time in her life when her body needed release and healing. A fall and car accident had taken a toll on her physical body and was affecting her overall well-being. She attended class twice a week and noticed profound changes from the inside out.

Moving to Connecticut, she continued her home practice, but needed the guidance and support found in a Svaroopa® classroom setting. In a journey to support her personal yoga practice she enrolled in Svaroopa® Foundations Teacher Training. She found Niantic Yoga shortly after returning, a studio offering Svaroopa® Yoga and a yoga community to practice in, as well as being encouraged to begin substitute teaching.

She took the challenge to learn and share more. She is currently working on her Children’s Yoga certification, bringing her Early Childhood teaching background into her yoga teaching offerings as well.

Yoga allows one to truly know and honor the self: mind, body, and spirit.

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