Kendra Price


Kendra graduated from Northeastern University in 1994 with a Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy. She has worked in all areas of rehabilitation since that time, the experience of which has provided Kendra with a strong understanding of the human body and the process of healing.

After years of marathon and triathlon training Kendra came to Svaroopa® Yoga in the hopes of gaining flexibility, improved performance and for pain relief which she was unable to attain with any other therapeutic modalities. With a daily home practice and weekly classes, Kendra accomplished her goals of living in a more flexible and pain free body.

This new-found freedom allowed Kendra to cultivate a sense of peace, comfort and compassion toward herself and others. This shift in her state of mind transcended all areas of her life.

After experiencing these life-altering changes, Kendra decided to begin her yoga teacher training. Kendra is dedicated to assisting her students in gaining a new awareness of their bodies and their minds through this gentle, compassionate, and supportive style of yoga. Kendra is a certified Yoga Therapist and Embodiment® Therapist and a former owner of the Niantic Yoga Center.

My yoga training and daily practice have lead me to a deeper understanding of my True Self and purpose in life.

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