First Friday Community Classes

Niantic Yoga is proud to announce our new monthly series: First Friday Community Classes. These free classes will focus on relatable themes and how yoga and meditation can improve your quality of life. We will explore practical daily applications that can directly improve your physical and mental wellbeing. Classes will start with a short presentation on […]

New Prices Released October 1, 2022

Post-COVID Pricing: Righting the Ship in the New Economy These new packages and prices go into effect on October 1, 2022. Make sure you read all the way down to the bottom, including the ‘fine print’ details. 🙂 Package Details: ACCESS PASS: $40 for two weeks of unlimited yoga Feel the mat beneath your feet, […]

Post-COVID Pricing: Righting the Ship in the New Economy

When COVID hit and we closed our studio space, our monthly membership holders helped us keep the doors open – even when we weren’t offering classes. When we realized that we were going to be closed for a longer time, those memberships were the only thing keeping us afloat – literally. The entire community will […]

Everybody Has a Yoga Body

Every Body is a Yoga Body I can’t do yoga, I’m way to stiff for that! No way! I can barely tie my shoes. I’d be too embarrassed to be the only one who didn’t know what they were doing. I went to a class once and will never go back! I felt so self […]