Resting in the Darkness

Emily Phillips-Geeza

Written by Emily Phillips-Geeza 


In the last couple months I’ve emptied the beach chairs and toys from the car, pulled up the garden, dug out the hats and mittens, and dusted off my favorite soup recipes. Recently I’ve been diving deep into ancestral traditions and folk medicine/herbalism ways. This time, unlike my yoga practice, I find that the more I study, the more familiar it feels. Preserving the garden harvest for winter, making teas from the herb garden, thoughtfully planning meals that invite warmth into the kitchen and my body, I can feel my grandmothers’ presence with me in the kitchen guiding my hand from the other side.
All of our ancestors lived according to the cycles of the seasons, in all aspects of their lives, giving up foods and activities at the end of their season until the wheel turned to that season again. In our modern world of climate controlled homes and cars, artificial lighting, and grocery stores however, we can have what we want when we want it, whether it’s ‘fresh berries’ in winter, or beef stew in summer. I’ve been sitting with this a lot lately, and wondering if I can pass up the strawberries for 9 months, and instead savor the fresh local apples, and instead of feeling sad as I tuck my bathing suit away, get excited to discover a cozy new to me wool scarf at the local thrift store.

Finding Strength in the Changes

With the chill in the air, my yoga practice is changing too. I’m finding more strength and energy in my sun salutations and standing warrior poses. I’m also honoring the call to rest longer in restorative poses, with my socks on and covered in blankets. My body, not just my stomach :), knows that it is a part of nature and is calling me to pay attention to its seasonal needs.
Stronger practices balanced with deeply nourishing rest will be where you’ll find me on my mat both at home and in the studio for the next few months. I hope you’ll join me there, where we can trade some of our favorite soup recipes, too.

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