Eat the Cake

As I’ve gotten older and my body has changed I find myself still holding onto old patterns. How many times have you looked in the mirror and thought how fat you looked? How many times have you heard a friend say those words? It’s a constant theme in our lives. Since childhood, our society has […]

Yoga Trends 2022-23: You Don’t Have to Go Far to Get Away!

While many people wish they could go on a week or two-long yoga retreat to Costa Rica, Mexico or Thailand, it isn’t always in the budget, financially or time-wise. Enter single-day yoga retreats! One day retreats offer the benefit of real rest and relaxation—maximum benefit for minimum investment. Of course, participants will have to be […]

PTSD and Yoga: Releasing the Issues from our Tissues

Our body is a meticulous record keeper of everything that has happened to us and, naturally, the more profound the events, the more profound the effect. But the question becomes, where is this “stuff” being stored? It turns out that experience is not only stored in our brain as memory but also elsewhere in our […]

Don’t Be So “Sympathetic”!

More than ever, we are searching for a way to mitigate the stress in our lives. Countless books are written and seminars are offered as folks search for a way to de-escalate stress and try to reverse the havoc it causes in our bodies and minds. But is the process really complex and elusive? Our […]

Resting in the Darkness

Written by Emily Phillips-Geeza  Preservation In the last couple months I’ve emptied the beach chairs and toys from the car, pulled up the garden, dug out the hats and mittens, and dusted off my favorite soup recipes. Recently I’ve been diving deep into ancestral traditions and folk medicine/herbalism ways. This time, unlike my yoga practice, […]

A Note to All Our Blanket Yoga Newcomers

Each week we are honored to welcome new students to our classes. Our Newcomer’s Academy often has four, five or more new students who join us to try Blanket Yoga. Our goal is to build community one new student at a time, while offering this style of restorative, supportive, life-changing yoga to as many people […]

Our Color Theory

New Logo + Colors (2018) The new logo and branding colors have been designed with care and diligence to honor the past, the present and our continued collective growth and evolution. The circle was chosen as a sacred symbol. The circle is a universal symbol with extensive meaning. It represents the notions of totality, wholeness, […]