Vinyasa Classes

What is Vinyasa Yoga?

Vinyasa is a series of poses that flow together utilizing the breath to connect the flow from one asana to another. These progressive sequences unfold like elegant origami, leading to strength, balance, flexibility and more.

From slow, mindful sequences to stronger series that get the heat going and every step in between – this is vinyasa. Each teacher will have their own personality, rhythm and flow. Join us and learn how to go with the flow in class and in life.

Sunday Funday with Rebecca

Join Rebecca for this fun flow class and beat the winter blues. This will be a hybrid class (in-person and online) that will offer flexibility through the winter months and unpredictable weather. Keep your energy up, your flexibility on point, and tap into the endless energy of the Universe just when you need it the most. November through March.

​HumpDay Flow with Rebecca

We'll build some heat and energy with a grounding sequence.  The goal of this class is to explore creative and energizing vinyasas to calm and connect the mind, body and spirit to flow through the mid-week hump!

FlowMotion with Kris

FlowMotion is a conscious, life-filling yoga practice that connects a series of poses/asanas and breath together, building strength, flexibility and stamina. We focus not only on the flow or sequence of poses, but also take an in-depth look every week into a specific pose. You will find a friend in each shape as you develop your personal relationship to it. You will become more mobile, fluid and toned as each asana blossoms into and through you with every breath and movement you take.

Sunday FunDay Flow with Rebecca

Slow Flow Vinyasa with Kim

In Slow Flow Yoga, participants will practice about half of the number of poses that a typical Vinyasa class does because poses are held for several rounds of breaths. The pacing of this class emphasizes calmness and peace in the body and mind. Class will begin with a joint-freeing series to help mobility and range of motion.. This class will help participants with flexibility, balance, and strength. This class is great for all levels, even beginners.

Unwind Vinyasa Flow with Kay

Bhakti Vinyasa with Megan

Vinyasa is the practice of combining breath and movement as a moving meditation that brings union to the mind, body, and spirit. Megan’s classes incorporate yoga philosophy and story-telling into the flow for a deeper heart-opening (bhakti) connection to the practice, inspired by 9 years of living in Japan and Indonesia. Her mission is always to “teach to the individual,” so come exactly as you are--all are welcome!

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