WORKSHOP | Spring Cleaning! De-Clutter Your Home, De-Clutter Your Mind

Start Date: May 25, 2024 @ 01:00 PM
Pricing: $35

Have you been wanting to declutter, clear space, renew, and refresh your home this spring, but could use a little help getting started? Come join us for a discussion on how ancient yoga philosophy can help you with your efforts!

Ten years ago, after studying and teaching yoga for a few years, Emily’s family moved from a spacious 3 bedroom farmhouse to a tiny 1 bedroom apartment and had to eliminate over 75% of their things. Then, after discovering the minimalist movement in a bookstore one weekend of advanced yoga teacher training, Emily went home to further remove about 25% more of her belongings, including eliminating a rented storage unit! She’s never missed a thing, well, except maybe a couple of pairs of yoga pants. 🙂

What does yoga have to do with decluttering you ask? A LOT, actually! Do you have to practice yoga to come to this workshop and begin your decluttering journey? Not at all! In fact, yoga is an over 5000 year old philosophy that includes many practices off of the mat. The earliest sources teach a way of life to decrease suffering and reach bliss through practices that support observing, sorting through and eliminating our things that don’t support our wellbeing. This includes thoughts, habits, patterns, and literal stuff!

Does this mean this process is only effective if you want to eliminate most of your belongings? Not at all! In fact, maybe you love and use most of your belongings, and you just want a refresh? Perhaps though, you’re not even sure what you like and use, and would like some support sorting through it all.

Come join us at Niantic Yoga on Saturday, for this fun discussion to jump start your spring cleaning!