WORKSHOP | Soma Exploration with Justine

Start Date: March 9, 2024 @ 12:00 PM
Pricing: $30

Explore the Soma (body) in a new way! This class will offer structured, free movement to allow space for you to play around and explore organic movement in the body. Lots of wiggles, slithers, and softening. When we dive into our bodies in this way, we are able to access more information about how we hold onto experiences in our body. We can then use this information along with natural movements to enhance our health & well-being.

Slow, intentional movement invites us into more presence and creates space for us to expand our capacity to feel more. When we soften in and allow our bones to receive more gravity, the trust between our mind & our body grows. Tend to your roots and nourish your soil to prepare your mind, body, & spirit for what you will be growing (manifesting) this upcoming year.