WORKSHOP | Immersion Drum Healing with Mountain Flower

Start Date: June 28, 2024 @ 07:00 PM
Pricing: $60

Mountain Flower provides the group with Native American drums made by her uncle, a third-generation drum maker. These magical instruments evoke the heartbeat of Earth Mother while the ancestors she calls in help you move stuck energy in a way you’ve never experienced before. The most common response to what attendees feel is, “I cannot explain it; I’ve never felt anything like it before.”

Another attendee commented: “I never felt something that strong before with a first-time experience. Then there was a beautiful calmness afterward.”

Serving the spiritual community since 1999, Mountain Flower has helped thousands find peace and live deliberately.

Each participant takes a turn laying under a 32” magical drum while the group drums over and around each attendee with many other drums. The connection to nature and each other is unmistakable. Additionally, Mountain Flower sees visions from Spirit while you are under the drum and conveys what she sees during an integration call after the ceremony. These 15-minute calls are to help you integrate your experience and for you to ask her questions.

Feel the presence of your ancestors while they join the ceremony, holding a unique sacred space where prayers are heard and transformation is accelerated.

Come to be held.

Come to let go.

Come to extend prayers to loved ones near and far.

Ceremony attendees said they’ve experienced:

Seeing a hole in their heart healed
Messages from the Divine about their future
Am intense, magical experience
If you have a drum, you are welcome to bring it.

See the video here:

***Please arrive 15 minutes EARLY: doors close 5 minutes before the ceremony begins. Mountain Flower goes to great lengths to create and hold a sacred space for you to have the highest vibrational experience possible. The studio is smudged before setting up, all our equipment is smudged before each use, and everyone is smudged before sitting in ceremonial space. Please be respectful of the process and arrive early.***

Please wear comfortable clothing and a bottle of water.

You can connect with Mountain Flower on Facebook & Instagram at HealingThroughYourStory or her website: