Raising Vibrations Through Meditation

Start Date: April 9, 2022 @ 02:00 PM
Pricing: Free

Join us one Saturday a month at 2:00 for a teen/young adult meditation class.

April 9th will be available virtually and live in-person. Email us to RSVP and receive the link.

No experience necessary, drop ins welcome. Love offerings are accepted in lieu of registration fees. Journeya teaches once monthly, dates announced in advance.

Raising Vibrations Through Mediation is a youth-inspired class that was sparked as an idea when COVID 19 was at its worst. This yearlong solitude has opened our eyes to the impact and strength community has for us as humans. This meditation class is all about community, sharing, and coming back to yourself in a safe space when you need a release from the outside world. This meditation class was constructed with the vision of holding a safe, as well as an energizing space for young adults to come to in times of need.

Journeya teaches once a month and their class is centered around releasing, balancing, and revitalization that will be presented through small movements you can do while sitting down, breathing, and in-depth guided imagery. The meditations will also be accompanied with chakra balancing singing bowls to enhance the space with resonating, cleansing music. Each lesson will also have an affirmation or life lesson you can take with you after the class.

Meet Journeya:

Hello all! My name is Journeya, I am 18 years old and currently a student at Fitch High School. I am from the Groton and Mystic area. I began getting into meditation at the beginning of Covid-19. I turned to meditation when school shut down, which, I can’t lie, I did not mind. I found myself by being alone. Learning to be with myself by using meditation was a huge part of my journey of self discovery and expansion. I want to create a safe space for others to expand, as well as create community. Now it is more important than ever that we stand together to help each other, and the world, heal.


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