Hands On Yoga Therapy with Lisa Terenzio 8/4/22

Start Date: August 4, 2022 @ 09:30 AM
Pricing: $10

What is Yoga therapy and how can it help you? Lisa will guide participants through a number of somatic exercises, taking common physical problems and using Yoga or somatic techniques in order help relieve them. We will also show how our mindset and using focus in our body and its functions can help us to improve the way we live and how we feel.

Space is limited, so register early. To register, contact Lisa directly: 860-449-3148 or lisasdesk@gmail.com

Meet Lisa Terenzio:

Lisa is a certified yoga instructor who is working on an advanced credential in yoga therapy. She focuses on using yoga and behavioral modification to help her clients make small, incremental yet powerful changes in their lives. She has also been teaching and creating arts and crafts for over 20 years and believes in the deep therapy that comes through working with one’s hands.


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