Tara Filip


Tara Filip was born and raised in Niantic and moved back in 2012 after living in Seattle for more than a decade. After returning to the village life of Niantic, she met her husband and they purchased a beach cottage in Crescent Beach – quite simply a dream come true. After struggling with chronic pain and early-onset osteoarthritis, Tara found Niantic Yoga in 2014 and has never looked back.

During a meditation in the spring of 2017, Tara wrote a life purpose statement that at the time seemed to be without context. Believing there was power in the words, she hung on to them quietly. Later that year in October, with a variety of events along the way, Tara was invited into ownership. As a dedicated student of the studio for three years before taking ownership, Tara came from the perspective of a student who experienced great relief, change, and evolution through the healing power of the practice, Tara fully understands the importance of Blanket Yoga, the Studio, the students, the teachers and the practice.

It was then that her life purpose statement revealed the divine context under which it had been created:

“I step into each day to inspire and nurture loving connections and partnerships through the creative work I am designed to do. I envision a world that encourages every soul to express the light within that makes each one of us perfect, whole, and complete that we may all thrive in selfless generosity.”

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