Parinda (Lisa Nott)


Lisa is a longtime meditator and educator. She teaches using her Sanskrit name, Parinda, given to her by Yogi Amrit Desai in 1991. Parinda taught elementary special education in both private and public schools for 25 years. As students’ social-emotional, behavioral and academic needs increased, implementation of alternative coping strategies was needed. Using mindfulness, brain breaks, movement, meditation and music, her students gained more confidence, demonstrated less anxiety and behavioral issues lessened. Parinda was known as the Teacher of Peace and the Relaxation Teacher by her young students.

After retiring in 2018, Parinda became certified as a Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra Teacher and brought this practice back to the school from which she retired. Parinda and her husband recently moved to Niantic and are looking forward to becoming an active part of the community.

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