Newcomer's Academy


Welcome to the Newcomer's Academy

Whether you are new to yoga altogether, returning from a hiatus, recovering from an injury, surgery or illness, taking a break from training, in between seasons, or just ready to try something new, you are in the right place.

The academy is a four-week long program that will teach you the basics of yoga.
Sunday is our Vinyasa Flow class and
Thursday is our Blanket Yoga/Svaroopa Yoga class.

Get your Spot

We ask that you arrive 15 minutes early to your first class to introduce yourself to the teacher and get settled in for class.


Academy students attend class alongside other students for the first hour. The class is geared towards beginners.


After class, there is a 30-minute workshop for Academy students and skills-building session that includes Q+A time with your instructor.

vinyasa flow Yoga

Vinyasa is a series of poses that flow together utilizing the breath to connect the flow from one asana to another. These progressive sequences unfold like elegant origami, leading to strength, balance, flexibility and more.

blanket yoga

Blanket Yoga/Svaroopa Yoga is a style of yoga is gentle, restorative, and supportive of all body types, abilities and mobility. A non-athletic class that will make you feel like you just had a massage. 

The bliss is life changing. From seniors seeking continued mobility to performance athletes staying loose on rest days, we invite you to join us.

weekly sessions

Features & Benefits

Each week we will focus on a new skill that will prepare you for future classes both online and in-person

Week One

Welcome! Basics overview, alignments, ​breathing practice introduction (ujjayi pranayama).

Week Two

Stack building 101, Svaroopa Yoga overview, breathing practice review (ujjayi pranayama).

Week Three

Break down lunge and learn alignments, home practice prep and propping.

Week Four

Build a home practice, overview of other classes, virtual studio, membership and more.

Check out our Newcomers Academy and learn the foundational elements of yoga.

By enrolling in the Academy you have the opportunity to learn in a small-group setting, ask questions, and gain confidence in your new yoga practice. Yoga is more than an exercise or way to get in shape. Yoga is an over-used term that can be confusing and misleading, so we invite you to join us to better understand how a routine practice can benefit your whole being.