Yoga & Recovery: A 4-Part Series with Rebecca

Start Date: June 23, 2022 @ 07:00 PM
Pricing: $50

A fresh way to handle addiction, develop new perspectives for handling intense emotions and sitting with cravings and resisting.

Each class opens with a brief check in and daily meditation reading and interpretation, which is expressed through journaling. This is followed by a brief meditation and ends with a short flow sequence of yoga poses. The gift of the class is a mindful sobriety principle to take with you into the week until the next class.

Participants are asked to journal each day about their thoughts and feelings with the goal of strengthening the connection to Self and developing a better understanding of dealing with emotions, tamping reactions and being present, awake, and aware.

Meet Rebecca Stefanelli:

Rebecca was born and raised in Southeastern CT. She currently resides in East Lyme and enjoys spending time at the beach or hiking in the woods. She has spent 20 years working in the mental health field as a Certified Addiction Counselor and spends her days helping folks heal. Rebecca took up yoga as a tool to help her patients. Rebecca decided to learn more and started a teaching program through “My Vinyasa practice” located in Austin TX and has never looked back. Rebecca appreciates the philosophy of yoga and its application on her everyday life. She practices Vinyasa yoga with an emphasis on flow and peak sequences. Rebecca’s yoga lineage starts with her teacher Michelle Young, who studied with Shanti Kelly, who studied under Annie Carpenter, who studied under Jois and Maty Ezraty. Rebecca sequences her classes for all skill levels. She is currently working on trauma-informed yoga certification.


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