New Moon Workshop 

Start Date: April 1, 2022 @ 06:30 PM
Pricing: Free
Workshop Description:
Women have been working with the Moon for a millennia. If you’re looking for a new beginning or to kick start a project you want to work with the energy of the New Moon.
The New Moon is tied to manifestation, the beginning of a lunar cycle, and a time when farmers plant seeds. This is a great time to set practical goals, and likewise connect with an intentional practice to make a wish!
When women gather magick happens!
Setting intentions alone is powerful, and doing so in a group amplifies the energy and aids the manifestation process. All are welcome.
Enjoy an evening of:
  • Knowledge of the current New Moon
  • Intention Setting
  • Meditation
  • Community Connection
 a journal and something to write with
Optional- crystals, favorite drink
The Studio offers water and tea, yoga mats and yoga blankets. Love offerings accepted to support our free programs.

Meet Kaitlyn Algar:

Kaitlyn, an Intuitive Moon Mentor, leads you to achieve the calm confidence needed to follow your intuition and call abundance into your life. Kaitlyn leads you to create the emotional resiliency needed to end self-sabotage and procrastination and become an energetic match to your desired income. The Moon can teach you about your own cycles of emotion, thought, and behavior. Once you’re aware of your cycles you’re empowered to know how to work through them. Kaitlyn can help you heal through a process called Lunar Abundance.


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