Manifest With the Moon: New Moon Cancer Manifestation Workshop

Start Date: June 27, 2022 @ 07:30 PM
Pricing: $44
The New Moon is traditionally a time to plant seeds. Join in the mystery and the magic of this dark phase of the Moon.

If you have been curious to connect with the energy of the Moon this is the perfect Moon to do so. Come and strengthen your connection with your intuition and the Moon.

The Moon is home in the watery sign of Cancer. Together we’ll plant seeds of intention for the manifestation you’re calling in. During this watery New Moon we’ll connect to the emotions of your goal manifested! Your emotions do manifest after all.



-Moon Forecast

-Group Connection

-Gentle breath work and movement

-Energy Healing

-Group Connection

-Leave feeling calm and centered


Magic happens when women gather!

Meet Kaitlyn Algar:

Kaitlyn, an Intuitive Moon Mentor, leads you to achieve the calm confidence needed to follow your intuition and call abundance into your life. Kaitlyn leads you to create the emotional resiliency needed to end self-sabotage and procrastination and become an energetic match to your desired income. The Moon can teach you about your own cycles of emotion, thought, and behavior. Once you’re aware of your cycles you’re empowered to know how to work through them. Kaitlyn can help you heal through a process called Lunar Abundance.


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