Manifest With the Moon: Full Moon Sagittarius

Start Date: June 13, 2022 @ 07:30 PM
Pricing: $44
The Full Moon is a time of abundance and celebration. Join in celebration of all you’ve manifested so far and all that has yet to come.

Have you been craving expansion and adventure? Join us in women’s circle this Full Moon to embody this energy.

We’ll take a look at all that you’ve done so far. Using the light of the Full Moon to illuminate the big picture of how far you’ve come. Kaitlyn will educate you about the energy of this specific Full Moon and how to use it. Be sure to bring your journal as time for reflection will be offered. Kaitlyn will guide a meditation and crystal energy healing to help you release whatever is getting in the way of your expansion and adventure.



-Moon Forecast

-Group Connection

– Meditation and energy healing

– group connection

– personal psychic guidance

– Gentle breath work and movement

Leave feeling calm and grounded.


Bring paper and pen.

Optional to bring crystals, cards, and favorite spiritual tools.

Meet Kaitlyn Algar:

Kaitlyn, an Intuitive Moon Mentor, leads you to achieve the calm confidence needed to follow your intuition and call abundance into your life. Kaitlyn leads you to create the emotional resiliency needed to end self-sabotage and procrastination and become an energetic match to your desired income. The Moon can teach you about your own cycles of emotion, thought, and behavior. Once you’re aware of your cycles you’re empowered to know how to work through them. Kaitlyn can help you heal through a process called Lunar Abundance.


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