Art Classes @ The Studio

Start Date: February 26, 2022 @ 03:30 PM
Pricing: $35

Our beloved friend Lavanya returns to the studio for art classes on select Saturdays most months.

This month: Meditation, Mandala and Goals for the Soul!

February 26th @ 3:30pm

Where is your year headed? Are you ready to dream big, set intentions, and clearly guide your year before you?
Join us as we welcome Lavanya back to the studio for a fun and engaging art class.
This is our annual intention-setting workshop, combined with art and meditation. This creative process helps bring thoughts and dreams into a tangible art object that will be your reminder throughout 2022.
Create a unique vision board with us as we blend meditation and art to help set goals and intentions for the year ahead.
We will guide you through a meditation filled with curiosity and discovery. Then we will flow into the art class portion of the day and create a masterpiece of intentions to guide us through the coming year.
Join us to relax, reflect, create, and discover your heart’s desire!
$35/pp, advanced registration required, limited to 10 people, masks required.
Email Lavanya directly to register:


The workshops are fun, engaging, and a fabulous way to meet other people on a Saturday afternoon. Lavanya’s painting workshops offer guided instructions and are designed for adults, although we love it when your older children want to join us.

All classes are both creative and a cultural experience. Lavanya always ties in a cultural lesson to the project with insight, information and endless inspiration. There is no previous art experience needed for these step-by-step guided instructional art workshops.

Cost/person is 35$ and includes the cost of canvas, paints, and tools.

Stay tuned for dates! Space is limited to 10 artists. If you plan on attending, please message Lavanya on her art page HERE or email her at to confirm attendance.

Meet Lavanya Shubhakar, artist, teacher, mom:

A former Montessori teacher and administrator, Lavanya is currently the director of education at the Mystic Museum of Art and an artist by heart. I am a mother of two beautiful daughters living in Norwich, Connecticut. I have been passionately creating art since I was a child. Whether it was when drawing the features of a plant cell in biology class, or when drafting in the engineering drawing class, or when painting murals of album covers in the spare room during my crazy teenage rock years, one thing was always evident: the feeling of joy and satisfaction that art ignited in me.


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