Yoga Trends 2022-23: You Don’t Have to Go Far to Get Away!

While many people wish they could go on a week or two-long yoga retreat to Costa Rica, Mexico or Thailand, it isn’t always in the budget, financially or time-wise. Enter single-day yoga retreats! One day retreats offer the benefit of real rest and relaxation—maximum benefit for minimum investment. Of course, participants will have to be […]

PTSD and Yoga: Releasing the Issues from our Tissues

Our body is a meticulous record keeper of everything that has happened to us and, naturally, the more profound the events, the more profound the effect. But the question becomes, where is this “stuff” being stored? It turns out that experience is not only stored in our brain as memory but also elsewhere in our […]

Don’t Be So “Sympathetic”!

More than ever, we are searching for a way to mitigate the stress in our lives. Countless books are written and seminars are offered as folks search for a way to de-escalate stress and try to reverse the havoc it causes in our bodies and minds. But is the process really complex and elusive? Our […]